We are happy to report a Miami $25,000 bicycle accident settlement! Here are some of the details.

Initially, our client retained a large injury firm to represent him. However, he was not happy with his legal representation.

So, he called us after finding our injury law firm through a Google search. We immediately jumped in and went to work.

Importantly, the bicycle accident had several issues, including insurance coverage issues. Our investigation quickly determined the available insurance coverages. We then settled for the full insurance limits.

But our job was not done.

Next, we resolved all medical bills and health insurance liens. In personal injury cases, this is an incredibly important part of the injury claim process. Medical bills are often quite large. In fact, they can often exceed available insurance coverage. Personal injury attorneys must be able to resolve medical bills and liens.

Ultimately, our client was quite happy with his recovery. It was another successful bicycle accident settlement.

Barthelette Law, Your Bicycle Accident Attorneys

We are proud of our Miami $25,000 bicycle accident settlement.

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Ride safely!

Disclaimer: Every injury case is unique. Prior results do not guarantee similar future results.