Can cyclists use the full lane? Unfortunately, many drivers believe only they – and not cyclists – can use the full lanes.

But this is not true!

Watch the video below where we discuss two examples where cyclists can use the full lane. The full transcript is found below.



Can cyclists use the full lane? Yes, in certain situations they can.

As one example, let’s say a cyclist is using the bike lane. However, the cyclist sees road debris ahead in the bike lane. What can the cyclist do? Under Florida law, the cyclist is allowed to use the full lane to avoid the debris. This is true even if the cyclist is traveling slower than the traffic.

As another example, let’s say the cyclist is on a slow moving road. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour. When the cyclist travels at the same speed as drivers, the cyclist may use the full lane.

However, there are times when a cyclist cannot use the full lane. Under Florida Statute Section 316.2065(5)(a), when a cyclist travels slower than the speed of traffic, the cyclist must use the bike lane or stay on the right hand side of the road.

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Full Transcript

00:02  [Music]
00:06  can cyclists use the full lane
00:09  yes cyclists can use the full lane under
00:12  certain circumstances
00:13  now unfortunately
00:15  drivers in florida and other states
00:17  often believe that there are no times
00:19  when a cyclist can use the full lane and
00:22  only drivers can use a full lane
00:24  however
00:25  this is not the case
00:27  there are times when cyclists can use
00:29  the full lane let’s look at two examples
00:32  in the first example
00:33  let’s say the cyclist is using the bike
00:35  lane and sees a hazard or debris head
00:38  in this instance the cyclist is well
00:41  within his or her rights to use the full
00:43  lane to avoid the hazard
00:46  in a second example
00:48  let’s say the cyclist is using a slow
00:50  moving road say for example where the
00:53  speed limit is 25 miles per hour
00:56  as long as the cyclist is keeping up
00:58  with the speed of traffic he or she can
01:01  use the full lane
01:03  at barthelette law it is our privilege
01:05  to represent bicycle accident victims as
01:08  always ride safely