Manalapan, Florida is a beautiful, small, beachside town in Palm Beach County. Because of its beauty and location, many cyclists frequent Manalapan and A1A. Let’s learn about Manalapan.

The History of Manalapan, Florida

Manalapan’s first historical record was in 1889 when President Benjamin Harrison gave George H.K. Carter a homestead in present day Manalapan, Florida. In 1931, Manalapan was incorporated by Commodore Harold Vanderbilt.

Interestingly, two separate areas exist in Manalapan. The first is along A1A between the Lantana Public Beach and South Lake Worth Inlet. The second area is in Hypoluxo Island, which is shared with the Town of Lantana.

As of 2020, Manalapan had a population of 419 residents. Indeed, it is a very small town with few residents.

Cycling, A1A and Manalapan

A1A in Manalapan is a popular road for cyclists. However, Manalapan generally does not have dedicated bicycle lanes on A1A. Here is an example from Google Maps:

As you can see, in this portion of A1A there is no designated bicycle lane. This means that drivers and bicyclists must share the road. There is a sign in another section of A1A in Manalapan which reminds drivers and bicyclists of this important law:

What does share the road mean? It means that driversmust treat cyclists with caution, just as they would with another driver on road. Indeed, a driver must remember that his or her rights are not superior to a cyclist’s rights – they are the same.

Manalapan is a beautiful and fun destination for cyclists. However, cyclists must be very careful when travelling on A1A.

Ride safely!