Can cyclists ride on sidewalks? What if there is a bike lane available? Is the cyclist required to use the bike lane instead of the sidewalk? We will discuss these issues in the following video. The full transcript is below.


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Can cyclists ride on sidewalks? Yes, they can!

If you would like to learn more about bicycle and pedestrian safety, click here. It’s a helpful article from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

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Full Transcript

00:07  hi i’m greg barthelette with barthelette

00:09  law and i’m a florida bicycle accident

00:12  attorney

00:13  in today’s video we’re going to talk
00:15  about cyclists and sidewalks
00:17  and specifically are cyclists allowed to
00:20  ride on sidewalks well under florida law
00:23  yes
00:24  cyclists may use sidewalks
00:26  however
00:28  they do have to give pedestrians the
00:30  right of way
00:31  now what if a bike lane is available
00:34  if a bike lane is available
00:36  are cyclists still allowed to ride on
00:38  sidewalks the answer
00:40  yes
00:41  even when a bicycle lane is available or
00:43  a bike lane is available
00:45  cyclists are still allowed to ride on
00:47  sidewalks
00:48  the question is really what’s safer for
00:50  the cyclist
00:51  sometimes the sidewalk may be safer and
00:54  other times the bike lane may be safer
00:56  it’s up to the cyclist to decide
00:59  as always ride safely