At Barthelette
Law, you will
Never Be a
Victim Twice

At Barthelette
Law, you will
Never Be a
Victim Twice

At Barthelette
Law, you will
Never Be a
Victim Twice

Personal Injury Law Firm For Florida

Barthelette Law is a law firm fueled by a passion for justice and the expertise to deliver results.
Barthelette Law takes on insurance companies and corporations, big and small.
After you have been hurt in an accident, Barthelette Law is here, ready to help.

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Gregory Barthelette

Personal Injury, Business Litigation & Real Estate

Greg founded Barthelette Law under the guiding principle that all clients deserve effective, honest, and passionate advocacy. Greg recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to legal problems. He has the foresight to discern when to implement a zealous approach and when to exercise patience. Greg recognizes that fearlessness and strength can be manifested in more than one way – at times with bold action and other times calm restraint.

But whatever approach taken, one thing remains constant – Greg’s outstanding legal expertise as he passionately pursues justice for his clients.

After an initial consultation, Greg will formulate the best approach to reflect the client’s spirit while implementing and managing successful strategies tailored to his client’s goals.

Greg has fought for families and business alike who have suffered substantial losses. He cares about leveling the playing field and doing everything he can to obtain justice for his clients.

Greg understands that an unexpected accident can be overwhelming. Clients can have peace-of-mind that Greg will take care of them and do everything possible to secure an optimal outcome for their situation.

In addition, his extensive knowledge of corporate law can give qualified guidance to those business owners looking for guidance in navigating the complicated legal process of business litigation.

Greg has spent most of his life in South Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida, he pursued his legal education at Nova Southeastern University where he graduated with honors and was a member of the Nova Law Review.

Greg began his legal career in Ft. Lauderdale working at a highly-regarded law firm. There, he worked on a many large, high-profile cases in state and federal courts. He honed his skills and gained invaluable experience in personal injury and business litigation.

Greg is involved in numerous legal organizations and associations. He is a member of the American Association of Justice, the Christian Business Men’s Connection, the Boca Raton Civil Service Board, among others. Greg is happily married to his wife, Cara, and they live in Boca Raton with their two spirited daughters.
They are proud to be involved in their local community and are actively involved in their church.

“In working with Greg,
I found him to be personable, honest, effective, responsive
and true to his word…”

In my 50+ year working career I have been involved with many, many attorneys in the process of negotiating high and low value agreements, preparing companies to go public, real estate transactions and personal matters, in Canada, United States and several other countries.
Of the many met, very few attorneys impressed me as to their values, skills, and personalities. Among the ones who did, Greg Barthelette ranks right at the top. In working with Greg, I found him to be personable, honest, effective, responsive and true to his word. He achieved a reasonable insurance settlement for my wife and me after we thought it was a lost cause. I heartily recommend him to anyone who needs the kinds of legal services Greg provides.
He was a true pleasure to work with.”

Seann Maxwell

Founder & President, Revival Flotillas International, Inc.

Barthelette Law has represented our family in a number of situations.  Greg and his team have always done a wonderful job fighting for our best interests.  No one likes being involved legal matters but their family-style approach and dedication to secure the best possible outcome has always been appreciated during these times of uncertainty.  We are beyond thrilled to know we have Barthelette Law on our team!

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