Do Florida cyclists have to use the bike lanes?

When you see a bike lane, you might think a cyclist must use it. But is this true? Check out our video to see! The full transcript is below.

As you can see, Florida cyclists are not required to use the bike lake.

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Full Transcript

00:07  hi
00:07  i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law and
00:09  i’m a florida bicycle accident attorney
00:12  representing bicycle accident victims
00:14  throughout the state of florida
00:16  bike lanes do florida cyclists have to
00:19  use the bike lanes
00:20  the answer no florida cyclists
00:24  may ride in traffic lanes however
00:27  if a cyclist is traveling slower than
00:29  the speed of traffic
00:31  under florida statute 316.2065
00:35  the cyclist must use the bike lanes as
00:38  always
00:39  ride safely and be alert