Under Florida law, drivers must give 3 feet of distance when passing bicyclists. Check out the following video on this topic. The full transcript can be found below.

Florida law requires that drivers give 3 feet of distance when passing bicyclists. This is extremely important, as driving too closely to bicyclists is a frequent cause of bicycle accidents.

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Full Transcript

00:07 hi i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law
00:10 as we know drivers and bicyclists
00:13 must share the road under florida law
00:16 but how much space does a driver have to
00:17 give a bicyclist when it passes the
00:19 bicyclist
00:20 is there a statute on point there is
00:23 under florida statute 316.083
00:27 when drivers pass bicyclists they must
00:29 give
00:30 or leave at least three feet of space
00:32 this is a very important law
00:35 especially because passing drivers are
00:37 the number one cause
00:38 of bicyclists death so when drivers pass
00:41 bicyclists under florida law
00:43 they have to give again at least three
00:45 feet of space
00:46 drivers be very safe and make sure
00:49 there’s adequate distance when you’re
00:50 passing a bicyclist
00:52 take care