Do Florida bicyclists have to wear helmets? The answer: it depends.

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Even though adults do not have to wear bicycle helmets under Florida law, they should! Indeed, studies are clear that helmets greatly reduce the chances of serious head injury.

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Full Transcript

00:06  hi
00:07  i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law
00:09  and i’m a bicycle accident attorney
00:10  representing bicycle accident victims
00:12  throughout the state of florida
00:15  bicycle helmets are they mandatory under
00:18  florida law
00:19  the answer it depends if you are 16 and
00:22  older
00:23  you are not legally required to wear a
00:25  helmet under florida law
00:27  however if you’re younger than 16 you
00:30  are required to wear a helmet
00:31  under florida law now importantly
00:35  just because you don’t have to wear a
00:36  bicycle helmet does not mean you should
00:38  not wear one
00:39  the studies are very clear that bicycle
00:42  helmets
00:42  greatly reduce the chances of serious
00:45  head injuries and trauma
00:46  so go ahead and put that helmet on i’m
00:49  greg barthelette with barthelette law
00:50 take care