We are happy to report a $25,000 bicycle accident settlement for our client!

Our client, a bicyclist, was involved in an accident with a car while riding in the bicycle lane. Paramedics took him to the hospital.

We quickly identified all available insurance coverage, and worked to resolve the case for the available insurance limits.

Thankfully, we settled the case for the available insurance limits. From start to finish, the $25,000 bicycle accident settlement took approximately 6 months. This is a bit unusual, as injury cases can take some time to develop.

An important and often overlooked function of personal injury lawyers is to negotiate and lower medical liens and bills. In this bicycle accident claim, we negotiated the medical liens down, putting more money in our client’s pocket. Bottom line: always negotiate these bills!

Most importantly, our client is in good health and doing well.

At Barthelette Law, we handle bicycle accident cases. Because of Covid-19, more people are riding bicycles. Ride safely!

Importantly, the results of your potential bicycle accident case depend on the unique facts and circumstances of your claim. We cannot guarantee you will receive a similar result. To learn more about the potential settlement value of your injury claim, read here.