Can cyclists wear headphones? Can cyclists use some other listening device? Check out our video to learn the answer. The full transcript is found below.



Can cyclists wear headphones? Under Florida Statute Section 316.304, you are not allowed to operate a vehicle while wearing a headset or other listening device (importantly, bicycles are considered vehicles under Florida law).

There are certain, limited exceptions. However, it is not a good idea to impede your hearing in any way while cycling.

As you might imagine, using headphones or other listening device can be dangerous while cycling. Indeed, it is important to have your sense of hearing while cycling. Otherwise, you might not be able to hear honking, sirens, or other noises that would alert you of potential danger.

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Full Transcript

00:08  law and i am a florida bicycle accident
00:10  attorney
00:11  under florida law
00:13  can a cyclist wear headphones or other
00:15  listening device
00:16  the answer
00:18  no
00:19  under florida statute 316.304
00:22  a person who is operating a vehicle and
00:25  a vehicle includes a bicycle
00:27  that person cannot use headphones or a
00:29  headset or other listening device
00:32  and the reason for this is important and
00:33  obvious
00:35  if you’re riding a bicycle it’s
00:36  important that you have use of all of
00:38  your senses including hearing
00:40  otherwise it might be very difficult to
00:42  hear a car horn
00:44  screeching of tires or other noise
00:47  as always ride safely