What is it called when a driver opens his door and hits a cyclist? It is called “dooring,” and can be quite dangerous for cyclists. To learn more, watch the following video. The full transcript is below.

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Again, dooring injuries occur frequently. In fact, more often then you would think.

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Full Transcript

00:02 [Music]
00:07 hi i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law
00:09 and i am a florida bicycle accident
00:12 attorney
00:13 well what is it called when a car driver
00:16 opens his or her door and hits a cyclist
00:19 this is called
00:20 dooring
00:21 and unfortunately dooring injuries can
00:24 be quite serious
00:25 dooring accidents unfortunately two are
00:28 quite common
00:29 in fact some studies have shown that
00:31 over one in ten bicycle accidents
00:34 involves dooring
00:36 now importantly under florida law
00:38 drivers can only open their car doors
00:40 when it is safe to do so and when it
00:43 does not affect or impede oncoming
00:45 traffic
00:47 as always ride safely