Under Florida law, Florida drivers must share the road with bicyclists.

Why is this? Why must Florida drivers share the road with bicyclists? Check out the following video to learn more! The full transcript is below.

As you learned, under Florida law bicycles are considered to be vehicles – no different than cars! What does this mean?

This means that bicyclists have to obey all rules of the road – no different that drivers! Bicyclists must stop at stop signs, stop at red lights, follow rights of way, etc. Basically, follow all rules of the road.

Because bicyclists have same rights and duties as drivers, drivers must share the road with bicyclists. Indeed, drivers are mistaken if they believe their rights are somehow superior to bicyclists. They are not! Drivers must treat bicyclists with safety and caution, the same as they would with drivers.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:10  and I am a Florida bicycle accident
00:12  attorney
00:14  under Florida law
00:15  drivers must share the road with
00:17  bicyclists
00:18  what exactly does this mean
00:21  well importantly
00:23  bicycles are considered to be vehicles
00:25  under Florida law
00:27  this means
00:28  that bicyclists must obey all the rules
00:31  of the road so for example bicyclists no
00:35  different than drivers must come to a
00:36  complete stop at stop signs
00:39  stop at red lights and obey rights of
00:41  way
00:42  now
00:43  because
00:44  bicycles are deemed to be or considered
00:46  to be vehicles under Florida law
00:48  they are also allowed and have the
00:50  privileges that drivers have on the road
00:54  so
00:55  if a driver sees a bicyclist on the road
00:58  he or she has to treat that bicyclist no
01:00  differently than they would a driver
01:02  that means being safe cautious and
01:04  taking appropriate measures to make sure
01:07  they’re not doing anything to cause an
01:08  accident
01:09  if you have any other questions
01:11  about bicycle accident law or bicycle
01:13  accidents call us today