In a recent blog post, we talked about recovering lost wages in a bicycle accident. Indeed, you can recover your lost wages from a bicycle accident. What about damages for pain and suffering? Can you recover for pain and suffering in a bicycle accident?

Check out the video below to find out! The full transcript is at the bottom of this post.



Under Florida law, you can recover pain and suffering damages in a bicycle accident. Importantly, Florida’s civil jury instructions state there is no exact standard for determining pain and suffering damages. Every case must be considered on its own merits. But, in all cases the damages for pain and suffering must be fair and just in light of the evidence presented at trial.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:07  hi
00:08  I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:10  and I am a Florida injury attorney
00:13  well in our last video we talked about
00:15  whether or not a bicyclist could recover
00:17  his or her lost wages in a bicycle
00:19  accident
00:20  and the answer to that question was yes
00:23  well today i’d like to talk about pain
00:25  and suffering
00:26  can a bicyclist recover pain and
00:29  suffering damages in a bicycle accident
00:32  and the answer to that question is also
00:34  yes
00:35  well
00:36  first things first what are pain and
00:38  suffering damages
00:40  pain and suffering damages are those
00:42  damages you recover for your physical
00:45  and emotional injuries after an accident
00:48  so for example
00:50  pain and suffering can include
00:52  any type of mental anguish
00:54  inconvenience
00:56  pain you feel as a result of your
00:58  injuries
00:59  and another example is loss of capacity
01:02  to enjoy your life
01:04  now as you probably are thinking
01:06  there is no exact standard
01:09  to quantifying your pain and suffering
01:11  damages unlike say lost wages or medical
01:14  bills those things can be quantified
01:16  mathematically but again pain and
01:19  suffering damages cannot be quantified
01:21  mathematically
01:22  well Florida law holds
01:24  that for pain and suffering damages
01:27  there is no exact standard of course for
01:29  those damages but they must be fair and
01:32  just in light of the
01:34  evidence
01:35  now what this means is pain and
01:36  suffering damages will vary from case to
01:39  case
01:40  so
01:41  your pain and suffering damages might be
01:43  different than someone else’s pain and
01:44  suffering damages for their bicycle
01:46  accent
01:47  as always ride safely