In my experience, bicycle accidents impact injury victims significantly. This is not a surprise. Compared to cars, bicyclists have little protection from impact and injury. Well, what if the bicycle accident affects your work? What if the bicycle accident results in time lost from work? Can you recover lost wages in a bicycle accident?

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As you saw, you can recover lost wages in a bicycle accident. Florida’s jury instructions detail the wages you can recover in a bicycle accident.

Of course, every bicycle accident is unique. The types of lost wages you are able to recover depends on the facts of your case. You need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine what lost wages you can recover.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:09  law and I am a Florida personal injury
00:12  attorney
00:13  this week we’re going to talk about the
00:15  types of damages you can recover in
00:17  bicycle accidents
00:18  and today i’d like to talk about can you
00:20  recover lost wages in connection with
00:23  your bicycle accident
00:24  well the answer is yes you can recover
00:28  lost wages in connection with your
00:30  bicycle accident and i’ll use two simple
00:33  examples to illustrate
00:35  first
00:36  let’s say as a result of your bicycle
00:38  accident you were unable to work for
00:40  approximately three months
00:43  well as part of your damages in this
00:45  bicycle accident claim that you have
00:47  you will argue that you are entitled to
00:50  three months worth of lost wages
00:53  as another example
00:55  let’s say that you’re a piano teacher
00:57  and as a result of the accident you
01:00  injured your hands
01:02  well
01:02  if in this accident your hand injuries
01:05  are so serious that you can no longer
01:07  teach or play the piano
01:09  your damages will be the loss of the
01:11  ability to earn income
01:13  and of course what you will argue
01:15  is that you have lost money both in the
01:17  past and in the future as a result of
01:20  the injuries to your hands
01:22  now in the second example
01:24  your damages for your lost wages or loss
01:26  of ability to earn income will be much
01:28  higher and much more serious than the
01:30  first example
01:31  but unfortunately because bicycle
01:33  accidents are so serious and injuries
01:35  can be severe injuries sometimes can
01:38  impact your career and your ability to
01:40  earn wages
01:41  as always ride safely