We are proud to report a new personal injury settlement! We obtained a $90,000 pre-lawsuit settlement for our client who sustained a second degree burn on her back from a hot stone massage. We will discuss the facts.

Our client travelled to Florida with her family for a vacation. On a whim, they decided to get their nails done and get a massage at a nearby spa.

When they arrived at the spa, my client initially signed up for a traditional massage. However, shortly into her massage the employee suggested she try a hot stone massage. My client never had a hot stone massage, and so she decided to give it a try.

The employee provided no warnings or instructions. This was a mistake. He should have let my client know that if she felt any discomfort, he would remove the stones. Instead, he put the hot stones on my clients back and went away. Almost immediately, my client felt a burning sensation on her back. However, she did not know if this was normal or customary, specifically because she never had a hot stone massage done before.

Approximately 5 to 10 minutes later, the employee returned and removed the stones. My client then went to a mirror to look at her back. She was shocked to see large blisters and burns on her back.

Thereafter, she went to the emergency room where she was diagnosed as having second degree burns on her back.

Initially, my client called another law firm about the unfortunate incident. The law firm, however, told my client she did not have a case.

Thankfully, she did not give up but decided to call Barthelette Law!

As we have written about before, Barthelette Law has experience handling hot stone massage cases. Our experience and knowledge over these cases helped get a swift and fair settlement.

After our client retained us, we immediately began our investigation. We uncovered many facts which proved the spa was negligent, including that the employee did not perform the hot stone massage properly.

After sending our demand letter, we negotiated with the spa’s liability insurer. In short time, we obtained a $90,000 settlement.

Our client was thrilled with the result, especially because she was told by another law firm that she did not have a case!

At Barthelette Law we are ready to help personal injury victims, including victims of hot stone massage burns. If you have been burned by a hot stone massage, call us today!