We are excited to report a $75,000 hot stone massage settlement! Greg Barthelette of Barthelette Law along with David Datny of Datny Law worked together to get justice for their client. Here are the basic facts of the case.

Our client paid for a hot stone massage. Unfortunately, the massage therapist failed to take necessary safety precautions and also failed to timely respond to our client’s requests to remove the hot stones. As a result, our client sustained a permanent scar on his back.

Initially, the massage spa ignored our letters. As a result, we filed a lawsuit which, in turn, resulted in the $75,000 hot stone massage settlement.

Our client was happy with the outcome. And we are grateful we got our client justice. Indeed, a person should not be burned or scarred as a result of a hot stone massage.

If you were burned or scarred as a result of a hot stone massage, do not hesitate to call us today! We can be reached at (561) 246-4137.


*Please note every case is different, and so prior results do not guarantee the same or similar outcome.