We are happy to report a $25,000 treadmill injury settlement! Here’s the story behind the settlement.

My client was a member of a South Florida gym. Unfortunately, one of the gym trainers left a treadmill running – something that should never be done. Indeed, this is a serious safety hazard.

Unfortunately, my client, who was about to use the same treadmill, could not see the treadmill was running because, among other things, the gym had poor lighting.

When my client attempted to step on the treadmill, the moving conveyor belt violently threw her off. As a result, she sustained, among other injuries, a scar on her leg.

Initially, my client consulted with another lawyer who told her she did not have a case because she allegedly signed a release and waiver of liability. My client, though, did not give up and found Barthelette Law on Google. Indeed, our experience with treadmill injury cases led her to call us.

Importantly, we had a much different opinion on the alleged release and waiver of liability. We believed our client did have a legitimate case that needed to be pursued aggressively.

So, we pursued the treadmill injury case for our client.

After sending our demand letter, we began settlement discussions. Thankfully, the settlement discussions resulted in a $25,000 pre-suit settlement.

Our client was grateful for the settlement, especially because she was told she did not have a case. To her credit, my client is determined and did not let the lawyer’s negative view of her case deter her.

If you were involved in an accident and a lawyer told you that you don’t have a case, don’t give up. We would be happy to speak with you about your injury case.

It would be our privilege to represent you!