At Barthelette Law, we are thankful that many of our clients are repeat clients. Our clients often come back to us with their legal problems because they trust us. Recently, we had the opportunity to represent a past client in a new personal injury claim. We were able to reach a partial $100,000 settlement for her mild traumatic brain injury. We will review the background details!

About two years ago, our client contacted us after suffering an injury to her leg as the result of dog bite. While her injury was (thankfully) minor, we were able to obtain a $12,500 dog bite settlement. Our client was thrilled with the result!

Unfortunately, our client was involved in a car accident early this year. Thankfully, she called Barthelette Law after the car accident and we got to work.

Our client’s car accident was quite serious. A careless driver ran a red light and hit her car head on. Here’s a photograph of her vehicle:

Not surprisingly, our client’s vehicle was a total loss.

As a result of the impact, our client hit her head. She also felt terrible pain in her knee, low back, and neck. She sought emergency medical treatment.

Over the next few days, her pain increased dramatically. Perhaps the most concerning injury was to her head. She was experiencing painful headaches, sensitivity to light, tinnitus, and other symptoms. As a result, she began treating with several physicians for her injuries over the next several months.

While the accident happened in March 2023, we knew her case was worth far more than the negligent party’s $100,000 limits. For this reason, we sent a demand letter to the negligent party’s car insurance carrier, who made the decision to tender its limits early on. Our client was elated!

However, the fight is not over. Currently, we are pursuing a claim against her underinsured motorist carrier.

At Barthelette Law, we proudly represent car accident victims. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, contact us at (561) 246-4137!