We are happy to report a recent victory – a $12,500.00 dog bite settlement! Here’s how we recovered this dog bite settlement for our client.

Our client was bit on her leg by a neighbor’s unruly dog while talking a walk. Thankfully, the bite did not cause serious damage, leaving only a small, faint scar on my client’s leg. My client’s medical bills totaled approximately $300.00.

We put the neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance carrier on notice of the dog bite. Initially, after investigating the claim the homeowner’s insurance carrier denied coverage based on a dog bite exclusion in the insurance policy.

However, we argued that there were broad claims of negligence against the neighbor; claims that focused not only the dog, but on the neighbor’s negligent conduct, too. Because of these arguments, we argued the dog-bite exclusion did not apply.

Thankfully, the homeowner’s insurance carrier agreed with our analysis and agreed to pay $12,500.00 to settle the claim. The settlement was approximately¬†40 times the amount of my client’s medical bills.

Our client – who did not think she would receive any recovery – was extremely happy. We were happy, too, that she found some measure of justice.

If you have a potential dog bite case, do not hesitate to contact us today. It would be our privilege to represent you!