In many car accident cases, the parties dispute liability. How do you dispute car accident fault? How do you show the other driver caused the car accident?

Watch the following video for a discussion this topic! The full video transcript is below.



As you watched in the video, there are different ways to establish fault in a car accident. They include:

  • witness statements and testimony;
  • photographic evidence;
  • video evidence;
  • cell phone records; and,
  • police reports.

But remember, every car accident is unique. As a result, there may be ways to establish a party’s fault not included in the list. After a car accident, contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to he or she can begin gathering evidence establishing fault.

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Video Transcript

00:01  how do you dispute fault in a car
00:04  accident
00:05  in many car accidents the parties will
00:08  blame each other for causing the car
00:10  accident
00:11  but what if in your car accident case
00:13  you know the other driver was at fault
00:17  how do you establish the other party’s
00:18  fault in the car accident
00:21  well first and perhaps most importantly
00:24  you need to act quickly to gather any
00:27  and all evidence that will help
00:29  establish the other party’s fault
00:31  what is this evidence and what does it
00:32  look like
00:34  while this is not an exhaustive list
00:36  this is the type of evidence i happen to
00:38  see in the car accident cases i work on
00:41  that is helpful in establishing fault
00:43  first witness testimony were there any
00:46  witnesses to the accent and what did
00:48  they see
00:49  second
00:50  photographic evidence and video evidence
00:53  what did the photograph show of the car
00:55  accident damage
00:57  oftentimes photographic evidence will
00:59  leave very important clues
01:01  and as far as video evidence at times
01:04  there may be video footage of the accent
01:06  either from dash cams
01:08  or from surveillance or cameras from
01:11  nearby businesses
01:13  third police reports police reports will
01:16  often provide information that can be
01:18  helpful in establishing fault
01:20  and then fourth and finally
01:23  evidence including cell phone records
01:26  text messages and other electronic
01:28  evidence can be helpful in establishing
01:30  a party’s fault
01:31  if you have any question about car
01:33  accident liability and establishing
01:35  fault in a car accident call us today