We know the damage Covid-19 has caused to our health, economy, and almost all aspects of our daily lives. But what about personal injury lawsuits? How has Covid-19 affected personal injury lawsuits?

Here are my personal observations as well as recent articles on this issue.

First: While Fewer People Are Driving, Fatality Rates Are Up

While it is no surprise people are driving less, it is surprising that fatal car accidents increased 30% in the second quarter of 2020. What is behind this? It is suspected that stress, increased alcohol consumption, and other factors may be behind this surprising statistic.

Indeed, we know alcohol sales and consumption are up because of Covid-19.

Second: Covid-19 Makes It More Tougher To See Your Doctor

Understandably, people have been reluctant to visit their doctor for fear of catching Covid-19.

In some instances, I’ve had clients who have kept their appointments by conducting them through video conference.┬áBut this does not work in all cases and, of course, is less than ideal.

Once the pandemic ends, or slows considerably, people will be more comfortable going back to see their doctor in person.

Third: Covid-19 Has Delayed Jury Trials

While I did participate in a Zoom bench trial this year, Florida courts have been slow to restart traditional jury trials since Covid-19 hit in March 2020. While Palm Beach County recently held a criminal trial in November 2020, other counties have been slower to act.

As a personal injury lawyer, this has been especially frustrating. The potential of an upcoming jury trial can help settle cases. This is because without a jury trial, insurance companies may not be motivated to settle as they know the personal injury case will simply linger.

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