The national media reported tragic news: a child dies in a treadmill accident. It seems the national media reports the story because the treadmill was made by Peloton. Peloton is a popular company, whose exercise products are great for home workouts.

Well, how did the accident happen?

The exact details are not known. However, more details should become available as the Consumer Product Safety Commission investigates the accident.

Here are some important facts to remember about treadmills and children.

Are Treadmills Dangerous?

Yes, treadmills are dangerous, especially when it comes to children. But, candidly, their dangers are not obvious.

Because the treadmill’s conveyor belt moves quickly, it can easily grab and pull hands, feet, and objects in with significant force. It’s hard to appreciate the conveyor belt’s power.

Further, treadmill injuries occur frequently – more often than you would think. According to a 2014 study, approximately 25,000 children a year sustain injuries from exercise equipment. Treadmills are responsible for the largest percentage of those injuries.

How Can I Avoid Treadmill Dangers?

When it comes to treadmills, gyms and individual treadmill owners should take all safety precautions. As a simple starting point, children should not be allowed in areas where there are treadmills or other dangerous gym equipment. Gyms should restrict areas where treadmills are located for adults only – not children.

Additionally, the National Institute of Health recommends, among other things, to have treadmills facing doors. This allows the treadmill user to see if children are nearby.

Further, gym owners and individual owners should read the safety and instruction manual. Where should the treadmill be positioned? What direction should it face? Where should loose equipment, like exercise balls, be placed in relation to the treadmills?

These are important questions that are typically addressed in the safety and instruction manual. Read the safety and instruction manual.

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