Can a Florida cyclist ride against the direction of traffic? To find out, check out our latest video! Importantly, the full transcript is below.


Indeed, Florida cyclists cannot ride against the direction of traffic. Importantly, under Florida Statute Section 316.081 vehicles must ride on the right side of the road (absent one of the statutory exceptions).

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music]
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:09  and at Barthelette Law we represent
00:11  bicycle accident victims throughout the
00:13  State of Florida
00:15  can a Florida cyclist ever ride against
00:18  the direction of traffic
00:20  the answer
00:21  no
00:22  under Florida law
00:24  bicycles are considered to be vehicles
00:27  and under Florida Statute 316.081
00:31  vehicles must drive on the right side of
00:34  the road unless one of two factors are
00:36  present
00:38  one the vehicle is lawfully passing
00:40  another vehicle in front of it or number
00:43  two the vehicle is avoiding some sort of
00:46  obstruction or hazard in the road
00:50  as a result
00:51  it’s unlawful or illegal for bicycles to
00:55  ride against the direction of traffic
00:58  but not only is it illegal it’s also
01:00  dangerous
01:02  motorists and drivers
01:03  about to enter or leave the roadway
01:06  don’t expect cyclists or other vehicles
01:09  to be riding or driving against the
01:11  direction of traffic
01:13  as always ride safely