Don’t be the two folks on this bicycle! In today’s post, we will talk about bicycle safety. Specifically, Bicycle Safety Tip: Only One Person Per Bicycle!

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Indeed, bicycles must be used according to the intended use – one bicyclist per bicycle! Further, Florida Statute Section 316.2065(3) requires bicyclists to use bicycles for their intended purpose. If a bicycle is intended for one user, it must only be used by one user.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:08  Law and I’m your Florida bicycle accent
00:10  attorney
00:11  today i’d like to talk about bicycle
00:13  safety
00:14  as we know
00:15  bicycles are almost exclusively designed
00:18  to be ridden by one person and one
00:20  person only
00:22  so this means when you’re riding your
00:23  bicycle it’s never a good idea to have a
00:25  passenger if your bicycle is not
00:27  designed to carry a passenger
00:29  not only is it dangerous but it’s
00:31  actually against florida law
00:33  specifically Florida Statute 316.2065
00:38 3 (a) and (b)
00:39  prohibit people from carrying a
00:41  passenger on their bike unless their
00:43  bike is specifically designed to carry
00:45  that passenger
00:46  as always ride safely