We are happy to report a $125,000 car accident settlement! We will go over the details in this post!

Our client was a passenger in a car. A negligent driver unexpectedly hit the car in which our client was a passenger. The impact caused the airbags to deploy.

Our client went to the hospital; he was feeling intense pain his lower back. Over the next few weeks, he developed ringing in his ears and he began to experience pain in his neck. His hearing declined, too.

Our client received conservative treatment over the next several months, which included physical therapy and, later, steroid injections to his neck. Additionally, our client began to use hearing aids, which improved his hearing.

Ultimately, we entered into settlement negotiations with the insurance companies. After much back and forth, we settled the car accident case for $125,000.

Our client was extremely happy with the result, especially because we did not have to file a lawsuit to obtain the settlement. Indeed, we were able to meet two important goals: (1) a fair settlement which compensated our client for his injuries, and (2) swift justice.

At Barthelette Law, it is our privilege to help car accident victims!

*Please note every case is different, and so prior results do not guarantee the same or similar outcome.