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Frequently asked questions.

What's the best way to contact you?

If you’re looking for a strategy session for your case, then go ahead and schedule a time that is available and works for you.

Anything else, you decide. We try to keep it easy.

Are lawyers working remotely too?

We sure are. In fact, the majority of what we do lends itself to remote work.

That being said, some of our clients prefer face-to-face conversations. We’re more than happy to meet at our office our your place of residence.

Am I going to be able to speak to an actual lawyer when I call or email?

Absolutely. You might also have conversations with our staff for things like scheduling, but when it comes to the discussion of your case, it’s a lawyer.

How do you update me on my case?

We talk about what to expect. Typically, email for documents. Calls/Zoom for conversations. And then updates by email/text/calls/Zoom. 

That said, if you prefer one way to communicate over another, we’re happy to go that route.