Really?! You don’t want a million-dollar personal injury case?

After an accident due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation and, in fact, perhaps even significant compensation. But that is not to say you want a million-dollar personal injury case.

What does a million-dollar personal injury case look like?

Be happy you don’t have a million-dollar personal injury case.

A mentor of mine used to say this to his potential clients, and I say it to mine as well. Generally, if you have a million-dollar personal injury case it usually means you lost a limb, are paralyzed, or suffered from some other devastating injury. Indeed, these cases are life-changing, in that your post-accident life will be different in some meaningful ways.

Additionally, while lawyer advertising often touts large settlements and makes it seem large settlements are the norm, they are not. They happen far less often than the media or lawyer advertising would have you believe.

What is the “average” personal injury case worth?

In my experience, there is no “average” personal injury case, and no “average” case value. Many factors impact case value – type of injury, amount of medical bills and lost wages, insurance policy limits, quality of evidence, among other factors. So it is difficult to give an average case value or figure for a personal injury settlement.

Nevertheless, the average personal injury case does not involve severe and/or life-threatening injuries. The typical personal case involves sprains, strains, broken bones, bruising – injuries that will heal with time. At some point, your life will return back to normal.

Because most injury cases do not involve life-threatening injuries, the average payouts will be far below the million-dollar range. According to a recent survey by Martindale Nolo, compensation in personal injury cases ranged from $3,000 to $75,000. Again, because most personal injury cases do not involve severe injuries, this survey seems fair.

So if you’ve learned your personal injury case is worth far less than a million dollars, it may not be a bad thing. It may mean your health and life will return back to normal.

How do I determine what my personal injury case is worth?

In my next blog post, I will discuss this issue at length and identify the primary factors that impact your case value.

Regardless of the value of your case, it is my mission to fight for you and obtain the maximum financial recovery possible for your personal injury case.

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Greg Barthelette