Will a personal injury lawyer get me more money? You may have asked yourself this question after your accident. Check out the following video on this topic. You will find the full transcript below.

Full Transcript

00:06  hi i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law
00:09  if you’re recently involved in an
00:10  accident you may be asking yourself
00:12  can i handle my own injury claim is this
00:14  something i can do myself
00:16  and i think this is a fair question
00:17  because the internet has a lot of
00:19  information and guides that show you how
00:21  to handle your own injury claim
00:22  and on top of that you might be thinking
00:24  yourself well if i don’t have a lawyer i
00:27  actually might be saving money on legal
00:28  fees
00:29  well this exact issue has been
00:30  researched many times and i’ll link it
00:32  to the to those articles below
00:35  but the answer to that question is you
00:37  will not save yourself money in fact the
00:39  opposite is true
00:40  these studies uniformly show that if you
00:42  have an injury lawyer representing you
00:44  you will often get three times or over
00:47  three times more money than if you
00:48  represented yourself
00:50  and this is even after the lawyer’s fee
00:52  is applied
00:53  so what are the takeaways of course like
00:55  anything else
00:56  you’re entitled to represent yourself
00:58  with your injury claim
01:00  but if you do so you’re really
01:03  quite likely to get less money
01:05  ultimately
01:06  when you settle your case so my advice
01:09  is
01:09  if you’ve been involved in an accident
01:12  get a lawyer
A detailed article on this issue is here.
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