Simply put, car accidents are scary! Because many people do not have experience with car accidents or injury claims, they do not know what to do after a car accident. At Barthelette Law, we have substantial experience with car accidents. Here’s what to do after a car accident. The full transcript is below.



What To Do When You Get In A Car Accident

After a car accident, there are several steps you should take to protect yourself and your legal rights. Here are four simple, actionable steps for what to do after a car accident.

Stay At The Scene And Call The Police

Importantly, stay at the scene! Do not let the other driver convince you to simply exchange numbers and leave the accident scene. Instead, call the police. The police will investigate the accident, note any injuries, and issue tickets if a driver violated traffic laws.

If you leave the accident scene without calling the police, it will become more difficult to document the car accident. Plus, the other driver may argue that you did not call the police because the accident was minor and no one was injured in an attempt to minimize the accident. Don’t let this happen!

So protect yourself: call the police and stay at the accident scene.

Take Pictures Of The Vehicles And Accident Scene

If you are physically able, take pictures of the vehicles and accident scene. If liability is later disputed, the photographs may help establish fault. Photographs of vehicle damage, skid marks, debris, and other evidence can be used to determine liability.

Further, parties often repair their vehicles shortly after accidents. So it can be difficult to obtain photographs of vehicle damage if photographs are not taken right away.

Get Medical Attention After The Car Accident

Get medical care as soon as possible. Often times, injuries do not manifest themselves right away or may seem minor. For example, spinal cord injuries and head trauma may not be readily apparent. Don’t make this mistake!

Get immediate medical care to rule out any serious injuries or trauma.

Call An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

In my experience, car accident clients often feel overwhelmed in the days and weeks following car accidents. This is normal. After a car accident, clients have to deal with medical care, medical bills, insurance claims, missed time from work, and other complicated issues.

A car accident attorney will help guide you through the issues so you can focus on your health and recovery. Indeed, many of my clients appreciate the fact that we have a game plan in place to address the host of issues following their car accident.

Barthelette Law, Your Florida Car Accident Attorney

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In Florida, there are several hundred thousand car accidents every year!

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Full Transcript

00:03  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:06  law
00:07  and today I’d like to talk about what
00:08  you should do
00:10  after a car accident
00:12  of course car accidents are very scary
00:14  and many people do not have experience
00:16  either with a personal injury process or
00:18  have never been in a car accident before
00:20  so it’s confusing to know what to do
00:22  after a car accident so I’d like to talk
00:24  about four brief things you should do
00:27  after a car accident first
00:30  stay at the scene and call the police
00:33  the police will come to the accident
00:35  scene and document the accident
00:38  note if there are any injuries
00:40  and if they determine there was someone
00:42  who is negligent they will issue a
00:44  ticket or a citation
00:46  the second thing you should do after a
00:48  car accident is take photographs
00:50  now I understand sometimes you may not
00:52  be able to physically but if you are
00:55  take photographs of the vehicles and of
00:57  the accent scene because there may be
00:59  clues left at the accident scene such as
01:01  skid marks which can help determine
01:03  fault or liability
01:05  the third thing you should do
01:06  after a car accident is get immediate
01:09  medical attention
01:11  now in my practice I’ve had many clients
01:13  who have told me immediately after the
01:14  accident they felt fine but in the
01:16  following days they didn’t
01:18  well to rule out any serious injuries
01:20  including head injuries get immediate
01:22  medical attention the same day fourth
01:26  and finally
01:27  contact legal counsel after a car
01:29  accident
01:31  oftentimes with my clients they feel
01:33  very overwhelmed after a car accident
01:35  they’re starting to get medical care
01:37  they have issues with their work
01:40  they don’t know how to report the claim
01:42  to their insurance carrier or
01:43  potentially get any pip benefits
01:46  these are all issues that your lawyer
01:48  will help you with immediately and get
01:50  dealt with and addressed immediately
01:52  if you have any other questions about
01:54  car accidents or what you should do
01:56  after a car accident call us today