For most people, the thought of a lawsuit can be scary. This is especially true for those who have no experience with the legal system. If you were involved in a car accident and must file a lawsuit, you likely have many questions about the personal injury process. And perhaps the most important question you may be asking is: What happens if you lose a car accident lawsuit? Are there any financial ramifications?

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As you learned from the video, most lawsuits settle before trial. Consequently, it is likely your car accident will settle.

However, if you lose your car accident case in Florida, you may be responsible for the defendant’s court costs. Additionally, in some instances you may be responsible for the defendant’s attorney’s fees. Importantly, though, your car accident attorney should explain your potential financial exposure if you lose your car accident case. It should not come as a surprise that losing your car accident case comes with financial risks. Indeed, you should be aware of the downsides of losing your car accident case.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:09  and I am a Florida injury attorney
00:12  well what happens if you lose a Florida
00:15  car accident lawsuit
00:17  are you responsible are there any
00:19  financial ramifications to the other
00:21  side
00:22  these are good questions
00:24  but before i discuss them it’s important
00:26  to remember a statistic about lawsuits
00:29  and settlements in Florida
00:32  generally over 90 percent of cases
00:35  settle before ever going to trial so
00:37  what does this mean for you
00:39  more likely than not your case will
00:41  settle before going to trial now back to
00:44  the original questions
00:46  what happens if you file a car accident
00:48  lawsuit and lose
00:50  well
00:51  you could be responsible for the
00:53  defendant’s court costs and in some
00:55  cases attorney’s fees now there’s no
00:58  exact amount or figure for what this
01:01  might be
01:02  in some cases it could be several
01:03  thousand dollars and in some hard-fought
01:05  cases it could be hundreds of thousands
01:07  of dollars it simply depends on your
01:10  lawsuit but again remember odds are your
01:14  case will likely settle
01:16  and on top of this
01:17  your car accident should be keeping you
01:20  advised of what your potential exposure
01:22  is if you lose your car accident lawsuit
01:25  if you have any questions about car
01:27  accident lawsuits or what might happen
01:29  if you lose your car accident lawsuit
01:31  call us today