As a parent to two young daughters, it’s been a delight watching them reach various milestones. Learning to ride a bicycle is no exception. Teaching them how to pedal, balance, and ultimately ride alone was a blast. Florida has several laws concerning children and bicycles. What bicycle laws apply to children?

I will review and discuss some of the bicycle regulations here.

First: Florida Statute § 316.2065(3)(a)

Under this Statute, an adult rider may carry a child in a backpack or sling secure to his or her person on a bicycle.

Personally, I have never seen an adult ride a bicycle with a child in his or her backpack or sling. Nevertheless, this is permissible under Florida law.

Second: Florida Statute § 316.2065(3)(b)

Under this Statute, when a bicycle rider carries any passenger that is under 4 years old, or weighs 40 pounds or less, it must be in a seat or carrier that is designed for carrying a child and protects the child from the bicycle’s moving parts.

We have seen these types of seats and carriers on the road. They look something like the picture above.

Third: Florida Statute § 316.2065(3)(c)

Under this Statute, a bicycle rider cannot leave a child in the children’s seat if the bicycle rider is not in control of the bicycle.

This makes sense. Without the adult maintaining control of the bicycle, the child could be hurt, fall off, etc.

Fourth: Florida Statute § 316.2065(3)(d)

Under this statute, bicyclists 16 years of age and under must wear a helmet that meets the safety standards found in 16 C.F.R. part 1203.

Bottom line, children 16 and younger must wear a helmet – no exceptions.

Fifth: Florida Statute § 316.2065(4)

Under this Statute, no person riding a bicycle, coaster, roller skates, sled, or toy vehicle can attach himself or herself to any vehicle on a roadway.

It goes without saying this is very dangerous behavior. Children should never hold onto a vehicle while riding their bicycle.

Sixth: Florida Statute § 316.2065(8)

Under this Statute, no parent may knowingly permit his or her child to violate any of provisions of Florida Statute § 316.2065, Florida’s bicycle regulations statute.

Seventh: Florida Statute § 316.2065(15)(a)

Under this Statute, a person may not knowingly rent or lease a bicycle to be ridden by a child under 16 unless the child has a helmet or that person provides a helmet for the child to wear.

Under Florida law, children 16 years of age and younger must wear a helmet. So if a person rents a bicycle to a child, he or she may not knowingly rent the bicycle to a child under 16 unless he or she provides a helmet or the child has a helmet.

If you would like read the entire bicycle regulations statute, it can be found here.

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