Enjoy this video on the steps to take after a bicycle accident! You can find the full transcript below.

00:00  hi i’m greg barthelette with barthelette
00:02  law
00:03  and i have the privilege of helping
00:04  bicycle accident victims
00:06  today i’d like to talk to you about
00:07  three steps you should take immediately
00:09  after a bicycle accident
00:11  the first step you should take
00:13  immediately after a bicycle accident is
00:15  to call the police
00:16  the police will come to the scene
00:18  investigate the accident
00:20  identify potential witnesses to the
00:22  bicycle accident and most importantly
00:24  prepare a report of the bicycle to
00:27  confirm the bicycle accident did indeed
00:29  happen
00:30  the second step you take you need to
00:32  take immediately after a bicycle
00:33  accident is to get immediate medical
00:35  attention
00:36  even if you’re feeling okay even if you
00:38  don’t think you have any injuries or
00:40  symptoms
00:41  still go ahead and go get medical
00:43  attention
00:44  this is particularly important because
00:46  injuries oftentimes don’t manifest
00:47  themselves
00:48  right away the third step you need to
00:50  take after a bicycle accident
00:52  is to call your car insurance company
00:54  now it may seem strange to call your car
00:56  insurance company
00:57  after your bicycle accident but
00:59  importantly
01:00  your car insurance may provide very
01:02  valuable coverage
01:04  including your pip or personal injury
01:06  protection coverage
01:07  which provides ten thousand dollars in
01:09  medical benefits additionally in some
01:11  circumstances
01:12  your car’s um or underinsured and
01:14  uninsured motors coverage
01:16  may also apply to your bicycle accident
01:18  at barthelette law
01:20  we’ve represented bicycle accident
01:21  victims we know that a bicycle accident
01:24  in an
01:24  instant can change your life large
01:27  medical bills
01:28  job uncertainty are all on the table if
01:31  you’ve been involved in a bicycle
01:32  accident
01:33  call us today we’re here to make sure
01:35  you’re never a victim twice
01:37  not by the insurance companies not by
01:39  the negligent driver negligent party
01:41  or the legal system call us today
Remember to take these steps after a bicycle accident!
At Barthelette Law, we have the privilege of helping bicycle accident victims. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, contact us today!