In my last blog post, I wrote about some simple tips to help prepare for your deposition. But what about during your deposition? What should you do during your car accident deposition? Here are six simple tips for your car accident deposition.

First: Tell The Truth!

This is the most important tip to remember: tell the truth.

In almost every case, there will be facts that help you and facts that hurt you. Don’t hide the facts that hurt you. Tell the truth. No case or witness is perfect, and courts and juries understand this.

Second: Relax

As I mentioned in my prior blog post, cases generally are not won or lost at depositions. So relax! If you remain calm, especially during tough questioning, it will help build and establish your credibility.

Third: Be Mindful Of Your Demeanor

I understand, and have seen many times, people who are quite emotional because of their case. I certainly understand that in some cases parties will be emotional because the accident severely impacted their lives.

But witnesses who are combative, argumentative, unpleasant, etc. may hurt their case. How so? If a witness acts like this at a deposition, there is a good chance he or she will behave the same way at trial. And juries do not like difficult witnesses. You don’t want to do this:

Fourth: If You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know

To appear smart and credible, some witnesses may try answer every question, even if they are not certain about their answer. This is a mistake.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, just say so.

Over the course of deposition, you might be asked hundreds of questions. So it should come as no surprise that you may not know the answer to many questions. If this happens, that’s normal.

Now, you should know the key points of your car accident case – how the accident happened, your injuries, your medical treatment, etc.

But it’s ok if you do not remember other, minor points.

Fifth: Go Slow and Take Your Time

Make sure to listen carefully and take your time when answering questions. It is perfectly acceptable to listen to the question, gather your thoughts, and then answer. This is especially important when answering questions on important topics. Make sure you think about your answer before you actually answer.

Sixth: Dress Appropriately

While you are not in court in front a judge and jury, dress well. This conveys a message to the other side that you are taking your deposition (and case) seriously.

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