Should I Contact An Attorney For A Car Accident?

Legal issues come in various forms: traffic tickets, contract disputes, etc. Often times, we handle these legal issues on our own without contacting an attorney.

But what about car accidents? Should you contact an attorney for a car accident?

I believe you should contact an attorney for a car accident.

Here are the 3 main reasons why.

First: There’s No Risk Or Downside To Contacting An Attorney

At Barthelette Law, we do not charge for initial case consultations. In fact, personal injury attorneys generally do not charge for initial case consultations.

Because there’s no fee for meeting with a car accident attorney, there’s no risk to contacting a car accident attorney. Indeed, contacting a car accident attorney will not bind you in any way.

Second: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Car accidents, while they may seem straightforward, actually involve many complex legal issues.

For example, you have to consider the application of your PIP benefits, the availability of insurance coverage, the application of your personal health insurance, repaying health insurance liens, the costs of future medical care, and many other issues.

Overlooking or ignoring any of these issues could be costly. And this is not a complete list – there are additional issues to consider.

When you contact an attorney for your car accident, you can discuss these and other issues. Hopefully, and as I will discuss in my third point, you will see the benefits a car accident attorney will provide to you.

Third: Car Accident Attorneys Bring Value

As I’ve written about before, in an interesting article by Martindale-Nolo Research, Martindale-Nolo observed that accident attorney got clients 3 times more money as compared to when clients represented themselves (see:

And in a prior blog post, I discussed the various reasons how a car accident attorney can help you with your car accident case (see:

When you contact a car accident attorney, I believe you will see the value he or she can bring to your car accident.

So as you can see, there are no risks to contacting a car accident attorney. Instead, a car accident attorney will help you understand the personal injury process, educate and guide you on the relevant legal issues, and hopefully get you a better result than you would if you represented yourself.

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At Barthelette Law, we have many years of experience handling car accidents (see:

If you are asking yourself, “Should I contact an attorney after a car accident?,” don’t hesitate to contact Barthelette Law. I am are here to answer all of your questions and explain the benefits I bring as your car accident attorney.

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