Riding Your Bicycle During Covid-19

Riding your bicycle during Covid-19 presents new questions and challenges cyclists have never dealt with before. How can bicyclists continue to pursue their passion for bicycling while staying safe?

Here are some suggest tips for bicycling during Covid-19.

First: How Are You Feeling?

Before you get on your bicycle, ask yourself: how am I feeling? Do I have any symptoms of Covid-19?

If you have such symptoms, it is best not to ride. While there are a few reasons for this, one includes you do not want to potentially expose anyone you might come in contact with, including your fellow bicyclists.

Second: Ride Alone Or In Small Groups

Riding alone is the safest way to ride your bicycle during Covid-19. However, riding with a small number of trusted friends appears to be fine during Covid-19.

When riding together, it is best to ride a safe distance apart and avoid stops where there might be larger groups of people – like a café.

The bottom line is that all riders have to consider the risks involved and make an informed decision based on how they are feeling, who they are riding with, and consideration of all of the state and federal health guidelines.

Third: Wear Your Mask

I understand wearing a mask is not typical for bicycling riding, but it is recommended to wear a mask during Covid-19.

Various bicycling groups and other organizations have put out helpful tips on how to ride during Covid-19. Check out these very helpful links:

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Have fun and ride safe!