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Many bicyclists enjoy riding on A1A near the beach. This can bring cyclists to beautiful beach towns, including Gulf Stream and Ocean Ridge, Florida.

Of course, riding on A1A can be dangerous. In addition to attracting cyclists, Florida resident and tourist drivers frequent A1A to access the beach and nearby shops and restaurants. This can create a dangerous mix of cyclists and drivers.

Before we discuss common issues Ocean Ridge cyclists face, let’s first take a closer look at the town of Ocean Ridge.

The History of Ocean Ridge, Florida

In 1877, a family from Michigan had the lone homesite in Ocean Ridge. Later, many mid-westerners began to move to the area.

In 1920, the Town of Boynton was incorporated, which included present-day Ocean Ridge, Boynton Beach, Briny Breezes, and a part of Manalapan.

In 1926, the Boynton Inlet was created, connecting Lake Worth to the Atlantic Ocean.

In 1931, the Town of Boynton Beach (now Ocean Ridge) was created. In 1937, the Town of Boynton Beach desired to change its name because of confusion with the Town of Daytona Beach and because there was a concern that if postal facilities were opened there would be confusion with the Town of Boynton. So, a contest with a $100 prize was held to create a new name, with the winning name being “Ocean Ridge.” Interestingly, in 1941 the Town of Boynton was renamed to Boynton Beach – the same name it carries today.

Up until 1958, Ocean Ridge relied on other municipalities for its police force. However, in 1958 Ocean Ridge officially started its own police department which remains today.

As of 2021, Ocean Ridge has a population of 1,831 residents. Of course, Ocean Ridge is known for its beautiful beaches and its quiet, low-key atmosphere.

Notably, the above historical facts were taken from Ocean Ridge’s website.

State Road A1A, Cycling, and Ocean Ridge

State Road A1A runs directly through the town of Ocean Ridge. Because of its beautiful ocean views, it is a popular route for cyclists. In fact, on weekday and weekend mornings it is not uncommon to see hundreds of cyclists on A1A, including many riding together in large groups.

Ocean Ridge Bicycling

Cyclists frequently use A1A in Ocean Ridge. Indeed, it is a scenic route with limited stops.

Generally, bicyclists traveling on A1A in Ocean Ridge must ride single file where there are no designated bicycle lanes. This is because cyclists may only ride two abreast in designated bicycle lanes.

Additionally, there are signs in Ocean Ridge, like the one below, which remind drivers to provide three feet of distance when passing cyclists:

Indeed, while cycling in Ocean Ridge cyclists must be aware of all safety rules and requirements. Drivers, too, must follow all laws when passing cyclists.

At Barthelette Law, we have a number of resources available for bicyclists on our blog. Indeed, we cover a host of bicycle safety issues and discuss Florida laws affecting cyclists. Additionally, we discuss bicycle accident victims’ legal rights, including their rights to recover all available damages under Florida law. Bicycle accident victims may recover their lost wages, damages for pain and suffering, and medical expenses.

We hope you have safe bicycle travels in Ocean Ridge!

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