If you were in an accident with a car or truck while riding your bicycle, you likely have no reason to believe your car insurance will apply. Frankly, this makes sense. What does your car insurance have to do with a bicycle accident? But, your car insurance may apply to your bicycle accident, particularly if the accident involved an uninsured or underinsured driver. If you are a Florida cyclist, make sure you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

First: You May Qualify For PIP Benefits

If you were on your bicycle and in an accident with a car or truck, your car insurance’s PIP (“personal injury protection”) benefits may apply.

What does this mean?

This means that you may be entitled to up to $10,000 in coverage for your medical expenses or lost wages. These are significant benefits! The reason is because PIP coverage applies to the person, not the car.

Second: Your Car Insurance May Cover Your Bicycle Accident

If the car or truck that hit you did not have insurance or had minimal insurance, your car insurance’s UM (or “underinsured” or “uninsured” motorist) coverage may apply. This is good news, especially because a large percentage of drivers in Florida do not have insurance.

Generally, the reason your car’s UM coverage may apply is because UM coverage covers accidents where you are hurt as a result of an underinsured or uninsured driver. So it does not matter if you were in your car or on your bike.

Third: Your Car Insurance May Cover Your Bicycle Accident, Even If The Car Did Not Hit You

If you had to swerve or brake to avoid an accident and the car or truck did not hit you, you may be entitled to UM benefits. This is because under Florida law, you generally do not need an impact to establish negligence.

Here’s a real-life example from my personal injury practice.

I recently represented a cyclist who had to apply his brakes to avoid a car that negligently and dangerously pulled out in front of him. The driver did not hit my client. Additionally, the driver did not have bodily injury insurance. Despite the fact there was no impact, we were able to get my client’s UM insurance coverage to apply. In fact, we obtained the full UM policy limits.

I am happy my client made the smart decision to get UM coverage. Otherwise, there would have been no financial recovery.

If you are a Florida cyclist, make sure you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage!

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