How much does mediation cost? Do the parties split the cost of mediation? What is an average fee for a mediator?

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How Much Does Mediation Cost?



What Is A Normal Hourly Rate For A Mediator?

Generally, most mediators will charge at least $300 an hour for their services, although it is not uncommon for popular, in-demand mediators to charge much more.

How Do The Parties Pay For Mediation?

In most civil cases, the parties will agree in advance to split the cost of mediation. So, for example, if mediator charges $300 per hour, each party will pay $150.

Do Mediators Charge For Prep Time?

Yes, mediators will charge for their time spent preparing for mediation.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:09  law and i am a Florida civil attorney
00:13  mediation is a highly effective tool to
00:16  resolving civil lawsuits
00:19  but how much do mediators charge for
00:20  their services and how much does
00:22  mediation cost
00:24  well importantly under Florida law
00:27  mediators do not have to charge a specific
00:30  or set fee
00:31  instead they are free to charge whatever
00:34  they would like for mediation
00:37  now here in south florida you can expect
00:39  most meteors to charge at least three
00:42  hundred dollars per hour for their
00:44  services
00:45  and for those mediators that are popular
00:47  or in demand they will often charge much
00:50  more
00:51  now
00:52  most parties will agree to split the
00:55  costs of mediation so this means if your
00:57  mediator is charging three hundred
00:59  dollars per hour you can pay half of
01:01  that four hundred fifty dollars an hour
01:04  for that mediator services
01:06  and finally mediators charge not only for
01:08  the time of the actual mediation
01:11  but they will also charge often times
01:13  for their preparation
01:15  that means time spent reviewing
01:17  documents the party submit before
01:19  mediation
01:21  if you have any other questions about
01:22  civil litigation or mediation call us
01:25  today