How much can someone sue for in a car accident? Is there a minimum amount you can sue for in a car accident? Is there a maximum amount you can sue someone for in a car accident? Watch the video below to learn the answer! The full transcript is below.



As you saw, there is no specific minimum or maximum amount of money you can sue someone for a car accident.

However, the amount of money you seek must be reasonable and related to your injuries and damages. To learn more about what your personal injury case is worth, click here.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:09  law and I’m a Florida car accident
00:11  attorney
00:13  today I’d like to talk about
00:14  how much can someone sue for in a car
00:17  accident
00:19  now under Florida law there are no
00:21  specific minimum or maximum limits you
00:24  can sue someone for in a car accident
00:27  but you have to ask yourself what kind
00:30  of car accident are we talking about
00:32  now in a minor car accident with minor
00:35  injuries generally you’re going to be
00:37  making a small or smaller monetary
00:39  demand
00:40  however in a serious car accident case
00:42  with serious injuries you’re going to be
00:44  making a much larger demand
00:48  but in my opinion
00:50  the better question is not how much can
00:52  you sue someone for in a car accident
00:55  the better question is what is my case
00:57  worth
00:58  and while there are many factors that go
01:00  into how much your car accident case is
01:02  worth there are three main factors to
01:04  look at
01:05  number one was liability clear was the
01:08  other party clearly at fault
01:10  number two
01:11  were you injured and if so how serious
01:14  are your injuries
01:15  and number three is there even liability
01:17  insurance if there’s no insurance in
01:20  place it’s going to be very difficult if
01:22  not impossible to make any type of
01:24  financial recovery
01:26  if you have any other questions about
01:28  how much can someone sue for in a car
01:30  accident or what your case value is
01:32  worth call us today