In my legal career, I have handled hundreds of car accident depositions. This includes my experience as an insurance lawyer and now as a lawyer helping injury victims. A common question I hear: How long will my car accident deposition last? Let’s take a closer look!

First: The Average Car Accident Deposition Lasts About 2 hours

If you have never had your deposition taken before, you might think your deposition will last all day. It will not.

On average, a car accident victim’s deposition will take about 2 hours.

Expect the insurance lawyer to ask about obvious topics. Your prior accidents, health history, current injuries, and accident details are the primary focus.

Second: Depending On The Facts Of Your Case, Your Deposition Could Last Longer

If your injury case is complex, it may last longer.

For example, let’s say your injuries are serious, involving many surgeries. The insurance lawyer may go into great detail about your injuries and treatment. This will take time.

As another example, let’s say you are claiming lost wages, or you cannot work. The insurance lawyer will likely have many questions to ask. This especially true considering some lost wage claims can be quite sizeable.

Of course, your deposition might go long simply because the opposing lawyer is thorough. While some insurance lawyers take a short-and-sweet approach, others may not. It often just depends on who is asking the questions.

Third: Certain Courts Set Time Limits For Depositions

In Florida state courts, there is no set time limit on how long depositions may last. Other courts, however, do have time limits.

For example, in federal court depositions cannot exceed seven hours.

In Illinois state courts, depositions cannot exceed 3 hours absent certain exceptions.

Should Florida have a similar time limit? Yes, it probably should. The majority of depositions should not take over 3 hours. In fact, they should be less.

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