How Do You Report A Bicycle Accident Between a Bicyclist and Motorist?

In a car accident, you know you must call the police to investigate and document the car accident. But what about a bicycle accident with a vehicle? How do you report a bicycle accident between a bicyclist and motorist?

In this blog post, I will discuss this issue.

First: You Report A Bicycle Accident The Same Way You Report A Car Accident

When you report a bicycle accident, call the police – just as you would a car accident. Similar to a car accident, the police will investigate the accident, note any physical damage to the vehicles, note any injuries to the parties, identify the parties involved in the accident (including their contact and insurance information), and identify witnesses to the accident.

Second: The Police’s Report Is Important, As It Documents The Bicycle Accident Happened

The police report serves several important functions, which includes the location of the accident, description of the vehicles involved, the damages to the vehicles, and other information found here. These facts are important.

But the police report is also important because it documents the bicycle accident itself. That is, that the bicyclist and motorist were involved in an accident.

Unfortunately, after accidents negligent drivers may suggest that the parties not call the police. Instead, the negligent driver may offer to pay for your medical bills and the damages to your bicycle. Do not agree to this.

Without a police report, the negligent driver may later argue that you were not injured, he or she was not at fault, or even ignore you altogether. Plus, you may not be able to get all of the negligent driver’s contact information, such as his or her license plate. Plus, witnesses may leave the scene if it appears you are resolving the accident with the negligent driver.

So make sure you call the police and get a police report.

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