One of the most common reactions I encounter when meeting prospective personal injury clients is, surprisingly, embarrassment. Yes, personal injury victims often come to me with a feeling of embarrassment that they were involved in an accident.

Upon reflection, I should not be surprised by this at all. After a motor vehicle accident, for example, you have likely damaged your car, making it undrivable. You will also likely miss work because of doctor’s visits and may have visible injuries. You, of course, have to explain to family, friends, and co-workers what happened. On top of this, you might be under the mistaken impression that personal injury claims are somehow “inappropriate” or “wrong.” Frankly, no one wants to go through this and so it’s natural to want to put things behind you as quickly as possible.

But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing wrong with pursuing a personal injury claim. Our civil justice system was designed to help claimants with the financial and emotional fallout after accidents.

Recently, I had friends who were involved in an accident. They approached me about their claim, and I could sense they were embarrassed by what happened. In fact, I do not believe they would have contacted a personal injury lawyer had they not known me. Now that we are near the end of their claim, they are relieved they pursued a claim because they will be protected financially. I am confident I removed any embarrassment they had with their claim and removed any stigma of being personal injury claimants.

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