In our last post, we discussed the basics of mediation. Because few clients have experience with mediation, we receive quite a few questions about it. A question we frequently receive from clients before mediation is: Do you have to settle at mediation? This is a great question!

Check out the video below where we discuss whether you have to settle your case at mediation. You can find the full transcript below.



As you learned, you do not have to settle your case at mediation. You, as the client, decide whether to settle your case.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:07  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette
00:10  law
00:10  and I am a Florida civil attorney
00:14  one of the questions I often get from my
00:16  clients is
00:17  do I have to settle at mediation
00:20  and the answer is no you don’t have to
00:23  satellite mediation
00:24  mediation is a voluntary process
00:28  you as the client have the ultimate
00:31  control and say as to whether or not you
00:33  settle or resolve your case
00:36  importantly
00:37  you shouldn’t feel pressured either by
00:39  your lawyer or the mediator to accept a
00:42  settlement if it’s not in your best
00:44  interests
00:45  if you have any other questions about
00:47  the civil litigation process or
00:49  mediation don’t hesitate to call us