Because many clients have no experience with litigation, they often have no experience with mediation. As a result, my clients often ask many questions about the mediation process. A frequent question I receive is: Do I have to speak at mediation? This is a great question!

Check out the video below for the answer. The full transcript is below.



Indeed, don’t worry! You do not have to speak at mediation. Your lawyer – and the other party’s lawyer – will be doing most of the speaking during mediation. Now, the mediatior may have questions for you, but the mediatior will likely only do so when he or she is meeting privately with you and your lawyer.

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Full Transcript

00:02  music
00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:09  and I am a Florida civil attorney
00:13  I get a lot of questions from clients
00:14  about mediation but one of the most
00:16  common questions i get from clients
00:18  about mediation is
00:20  will I have to speak at mediation
00:22  and I think this is a great question
00:24  because clients often get nervous before
00:26  mediation because they don’t know if
00:28  they’re going to have to speak in front
00:30  of the group
00:31  if they’re going to have to make any
00:32  type of presentation themselves or play
00:35  an active role in mediation
00:37  well the answer to that question is no
00:40  generally speaking the clients do not
00:43  speak at mediation
00:45  instead the majority of the speaking is
00:48  done by the lawyers as well as the
00:50  mediator
00:52  so take a deep breath
00:53  relax
00:54  and if your client about to head into
00:56  mediation don’t worry you will not have
00:59  to speak
01:00  again because your lawyers will do the
01:03  majority of the speaking and mediation
01:05  if you have any other questions about
01:07  mediation
01:08  don’t hesitate to contact us