At Barthelette Law, we have the privilege of representing bicycle accident victims. Do Florida bicyclists need to use lamps at night? Yes, they do! Check out the following video to learn Florida’s legal requirements. The full transcript is below.



As you heard, Florida Statute Section 316.2065(7) requires lamps when riding at night. Additionally, the lamps must be strong. The front white lamp must be seen from at least 500 feet away. The rear red lamp must be seen from at least 600 feet. These are critical to have.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music

00:06  Hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette law

00:09  and I have the privilege of representing
00:10  bicycle accident victims
00:12  well on occasion
00:14  Florida cyclists will ride at nighttime
00:17  well when they ride at nighttime do
00:19  Florida cyclists need to use a lamp on
00:21  the front and back of their cycle
00:24  the answer is yes
00:26  under Florida Statute 316.2065
00:29  subsection 7
00:31  cyclists must have a lamp on the front
00:33  of their cycle
00:34  which exhibits a white light from
00:36  approximately 500 feet or greater
00:38  distance
00:39  and on the rear of their bike they must
00:41  have a lamp and a reflector that
00:43  exhibits a red light from at least a
00:45  distance of 600 feet
00:47  now considering it’s extremely dangerous
00:49  to ride your cycle at night time it’s
00:52  incredibly important to have these lamps
00:54  as always ride safely