Do cyclists have to signal when turning? Yes, they do! Indeed, Florida law requires hand signals. Further, Florida law requires certain types of hand signals.

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Indeed, in Florida cyclists must use signals. First, Florida Statute Section 316.155 holds that signals are mandatory when turning. Second, Florida Statute Section 316.157 details the manner in which the signals be given.

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Full Video Transcript

00:06  hi I’m Greg Barthelette with Barthelette Law
00:09  and i am a Florida
00:10  injury attorney
00:12  well under Florida law if a cyclist
00:14  wants to make a turn does he or she have
00:17  to provide a signal
00:18  the answer is yes
00:20  under florida law if a cyclist is going
00:23  to make a left turn or right turn he or
00:25  she must provide a signal
00:27  well how do they do that
00:29  well first things first
00:31  Florida law holds that the signal must
00:34  be given within a hundred feet of the
00:36  turn
00:38  now importantly if the cyclist is making
00:40  a left turn
00:41  he or she must extend her left arm in
00:45  hand horizontally
00:47  if the cyclist wants to make a right
00:49  turn
00:50  he or she has two options
00:52  first they can extend their left hand
00:54  and arm vertically or up straight up in
00:57  the air or alternatively they can extend
01:00  their right arm and hand horizontally
01:04  now the cyclist doesn’t have to do this
01:06  continually if it’s dangerous
01:08  instead they can do it in a safe manner
01:10  so as of course not to cause an accident
01:12  or to get injured
01:13  as always ride safely