Do cyclists have to signal when stopping or slowing down? Yes, they do!

Florida law requires cyclists to use a hand signal when stopping or slowing down. Check out the following video to learn more!

The full transcript is below.



Under Florida Statute Section 316.157(1)(c), “(1) All signals herein required to be given by hand and arm shall be given from the left side of the vehicle in the following manner and such signals shall indicate as follows: (c) Stop or decrease speed – hand and arm extended downward.”

Indeed, cyclists must use this left hand signal when stopping or slowing down.

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Full Transcript

00:02  Music
00:07  hi I’m Greg Barthelet with Barthelette Law
00:09  I am a Florida injury attorney
00:12  under Florida law when a cyclist is
00:14  slowing down does he or she
00:16  have to give any type of warning or
00:18  signal to the driver behind them
00:20  the answer yes
00:22  under Florida law when a cyclist is
00:25  stopping or slowing down
00:27  he or she must extend their arm and hand
00:30  downward
00:31  indicating that they are slowing down
00:34  this provides the driver behind them
00:36  notice that the cyclist is either about
00:38  to come to a stop or slowing down
00:41  as always ride safely