At Barthelette Law we represent child injury victims. We are happy to report a recent $75,000 child injury settlement!

Here is a summary of this child injury claim.

First: The Accident

A family, our clients, visited a store with a children’s play area. The children’s play area was next to a fireplace. Unfortunately, the fireplace only had a thin piece of plexiglass separating it from the children’s play area. For many reasons, this was a hazard.

Our young, three-year-old client put her hand on the plexiglass which led to a burn injury to the palm of her hand.

Our client then got immediate medical treatment.

Second: Post-Accident Issues

After the accident, we began our investigation. We focused on the dangerous hazard (i.e., the fire), and its proximity to the children’s play area.

Additionally, we had to focus on the conduct of our three-year-old client. I will explain in the following video.

During our investigation, our client got medical care and attention for her injuries.

Third: The Settlement

We sent a demand letter to the store’s insurance company, which fully explained our client’s injuries and medical treatment.

Thankfully, after some negotiation, the parties agreed to $75,000.

Barthelette Law, Your South Florida Child Injury Lawyer

At Barthelette Law, we are proud to handle child injury cases throughout Florida. And we are proud of this $75,000 child injury settlement.

Child injury cases are difficult because of the legal, factual, and emotional issues involved in every case. Also, the CDC reports that unintentional child injuries are the leading cause of death for children. We promise to handle your child injury case with the utmost care and concern.

If your child got hurt as a result of another party’s negligence, call us today! It is our privilege to help child injury victims.