Can your car insurance apply to your bicycle accident? Yes, in certain cases it can. Watch the video to learn more. The full transcript can be found below.


00:02  [Music]
00:07  hi
00:07  i’m greg barthelette with barthelette law if
00:09  you’re a florida bicyclist and involved
00:11  in an accident with a car
00:13  probably wouldn’t expect or assume that
00:15  your own auto or car insurance policy
00:17  will provide coverage for your bicycle
00:18  accident
00:19  and this is a reasonable assumption
00:21  mainly because you are not driving your
00:23  car
00:24  but surprisingly your car insurance
00:26  policy may provide coverage for the loss
00:29  now if you purchased um insurance which
00:32  stands for uninsured or underinsured
00:34  motorist coverage
00:35  this potential coverage may provide
00:38  coverage for your accident
00:40  specifically if the driver who hit you
00:42  either has no
00:43  insurance or has very little insurance
00:47  these provisions might come in and
00:49  actually provide compensation for your
00:50  bicycle accident
00:52  what’s important about these provisions
00:53  is it doesn’t matter if you’re on your
00:54  bicycle
00:55  if you were walking or simply a
00:57  pedestrian the important thing is that
00:59  you’re involved in an accident with a
01:01  driver
01:02  who is considered either uninsured or
01:04  underinsured
01:06  at barthelette law we handle bicycle
01:08  accidents throughout the state of
01:09  florida if you’ve been involved in a
01:10  bicycle accident
01:11  call us today

Can your car insurance apply to your bicycle accident? Yes, in certain cases it can!

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