Can I afford you as my attorney?

Unfortunately, when people think of lawyers and the legal system, it usually does not bring up positive thoughts. Chief among them is the cost and expense of lawyers and the legal system. The legal system seems too expensive, making justice available only to the rich and powerful.

But make no mistake, you can afford me as your personal injury attorney.

As a personal injury attorney, I work on a contingency fee basis. Let me explain what this means.

First: There Are No Upfront Costs, Expenses, or Fees

When I first sign you up as a client, there are no hidden costs, expenses, or fees. There are no gimmicks. You do not pay anything out of pocket, including for our initial consultation and all subsequent communications and meetings.

Again, there are no upfront or hidden costs, expenses, or fees.

Second: I Pay For All Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Under our personal injury contingency fee agreement, I cover all costs and expenses. Let me give a few examples.

If you request copies of your medical records, doctor’s offices will charge to make copies. As another example, it costs $401.00 to file a case in state court. I pay for all these costs, and later deduct them from your settlement.

Third: I Take My Contingency Fee From Your Settlement

I earn my contingency fee once we settle your case – after we have (usually) put considerable time and effort fighting to obtain the compensation you deserve. Typically, my contingency fee will be either 33% or 40%, depending on whether we filed suit for your personal injury claim. The contingency fees that can be charged by Florida personal injury lawyers is found here.

There are many benefits to contingency fee agreements. But perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it immediately allows you to retain me without worrying about expensive legal fees.

So make no mistake, you can afford me as your attorney.

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